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A(n) _____________ is a pattern of dark bands on photographic film that is made when DNA fragments are separated by gel electrophoresis and tagged. The photograph produced is often used to determine whether or not suspects were involved in a crime.
Asked by Nicole “Da Bad Bitchh” Boyington yesterday
What did the 14th amendment do?
Asked by Nicole Saul Sunday
who is trying to help rhinos?
Asked by asi mina Thursday
Cannot get mail on my iPad (The Connection to the server failed)
Asked by Danny Botros Apr 14
cheating or not im trying to make im not blowing things out of proportion
Asked by Michael Simpson Apr 06
What are some ps3 games that are worth buying?
Asked by Abhishek Das Mar 25
Asked by Cindy Breaux Mar 18
what color is the woodpicker
Asked by Joyce Lewis Mar 15
Can a group home for developmentally delayed individuals relocate 4 hours away
Asked by larissakbis Feb 27
who is the best man at the world
Asked by KKARIM ALLY Feb 22
Will living with my fiance affect my custody arrangement?
Asked by Jennifer Jones Feb 21
Can any computer with a Nvidia graphics card get replaced with a better one?
Asked by Michael Cruce Feb 05
Which technique involves painting on a freshly plastered wall and was popular during the Greek, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance periods?
Asked by Dakarai Wilson Feb 04
Can you have the Flu without Respiratory problems?
if our present self is the event horizion of our life then do we not exisit in infenite dimensions of time and one dimension of space ( pls read details)?
Asked by Luc A Dec 31
Should i take another pregnancy test if the first one said i wasnt pregnant?
Asked by Alexandria Hickey Dec 27
hello, my male ball python has hard brow material around half of his mouth a big patch all connected under his eye sorta but touching the mouth and his nose holes on that side seem to be closed and purple and on that side there are speratic pieces of this brow stuff and information would be useful thank you
Asked by camaeron young Dec 20
In Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn's Revenge, Can you upgrade your armor?
Asked by Anna G Dec 17
I wonder if its some form of arthritis....im really worried
Asked by lesly kings Dec 15
I wonder if its some form of arthritis.
Asked by lesly kings Dec 15
how to wire a pneumatic control switch
Asked by Frank o'hare Dec 01
Through out history on t.v. and even now who is normally barefoot in foot fetish scenes on t.v. and who normally has shoes on males or females or both in general?
Asked by Rick Watters Nov 28
Does she like me?
Asked by Spencer Roskill Nov 26
Currently in a relationship. my boyfriend says he doesn't want other girls.. but he texts, kiks, calls, and fb message them. he lied about talking to others..he says it will stop but now its just causing drama now. this girl saying he eats her out, and that they've done it recently... not saying i believe them but its hard to believe my boyfriend when he lies...just tired of the drama idk what to do or what to say.
Asked by Alanna Moses Nov 22
A system used an air-cooled condenser. At normal peak load conditions, on a day that has an ambient temperature of 85 degrees, the system should have a condensing temperature of about
Asked by ronp1484 Nov 22

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