What are some questions I could ask kindergarden-grade 2 students about high school?

Asked by Olivia Gravelle Apr 10

I'm currently working on a feature story for my media class where I interview students at the local elementary school about their perception of high school. It's a humorous article meant for the school website. So far I have questions such as; "what do you think the hardest/scariest part of high school is?" and "what are you looking forward to the most about high school?"

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1 Answers

1.)Do you plan on doing drugs in high school? If so why, and do you think your parents would give your friends drugs?

2.) Drugs? What are they?

3.) If someone offers you drugs in high school will you:
a. throw up
b. stop drop and roll
c. do more drugs

Answered by Michael Rooze May 12