Should I be worried that my foot still hurts after spraining it three months ago?

Asked by Mocha Frappe Jun 26

Ok so back in March I was walking to my house on this dirt trail that leads up to it. It was around 7 so it was a little dark outside and had been raining a lot that weekend, and I wasn’t looking where I was going and I slipped and fell on my foot. After that I found out I had sprained it very badly. I went to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t fractured and the doctor said it wasn’t but it looked like it could have been. She told me I had just sprained it very badly and that it should be better in a couple weeks. (I went to the doctors around 6 weeks after it had happened) now it’s been 3 months since I sprained it and it STILL hurts. When I walk on it, it hurts. When I move it side to side, up and down, it hurts. Sometimes when I’m just sitting down or laying down it hurts. My parents won’t take me to the doctor should I be worried about my foot?

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I twisted my ankle a few years ago when I was 52. It hurt and kept hurting for about 18 months. It was not broken. I then twisted my ankle again 2 years later and that time my ankle was broken. That took only 12 months to heal. Then I tripped over a box someone at work had placed outside the door of the employee break room after I went in grabbed something and tried to dash out. I fell directly on the knee. That took about 5 months to heal. I said all of that to say it takes time...sometimes much longer than we would like, or think it should take, to heal up after an injury. Follow the advice of your doctor and do not try and rush it or you could injure yourself even worse .

Answered by Tami L Sep 05

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Should I be worried that my foot still hurts after spraining it three months ago?

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