Am i overthinking this?

Asked by Euroen the 90s Mar 01

Iv'e been with this girl for quite some time now, we have been on and off for almost a year, our communication is not stable, we don't feel like we can come to each other about anything what so ever, we're in our 20's. at the beginning of the relationship things were wonderful, and then she lied about being serving for the US, i was so done and then we got back together months later and we talked about stabilizing the relationship, at the beginning we were sexually active and there were no issues, being in the marines isn't the only thing she lied about, after that it doesn't seem she lied to me about anything else, now we are constantly arguing and we just don't feel like we can come to each other about anything, every time i look her in her eyes i feel like shes lying, i am trying my best to trust her and show i want this relationship, but our level of communication is very low, recently she has been enforcing the fact that she would like to repent, doesn't want to have sex and repent from all sins, keep in mind she doesn't go to church or doesn't read the bible, she does talk to a close relative who has a strong relationship with god, guys my intuition is telling me it could be bs or she could possibly be telling the truth, and at this time i'm not really sure what to think. she dismisses the convo every time i try and state my point and communicate with her, it's always about how she feels, and we can never come to a resolution, i really want this to work but i feel that she would rather be elsewhere at this point, due to the fact that she talks about leaving everyday because of a debate we may have

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It is difficult to answer relationship questions when you only get one side of the story. There seems to be holes in your story that would be relevant for anyone to give you a fair and balanced answer. I will only tell you to be slow to take any advice that does not come from someone who is trained to handle such issues. It's to important a thing to leave in the hands of people who don't know you and are not invested in it, you or your girlfriend.

Answered by martha adams Mar 21